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Parent Child Narratives

Many of these narratives were written directly to my own children, or shared with them in response to moments of growth or challenges in life. They illustrate an example of parent communication—in the form of story-telling and note writing—designed to help children develop a stronger sense of themselves, their character, and an increased awareness of their own importance or significance.

Messages from parents, such as these, can certainly be instrumental in shaping a positive and secure child identity. In addition, they reflect the principles of positive psychology and a strengths-based approach, and they echo the clinical writing on this site (and also the novel Long Run), particularly the articles on communication, relationship building, attunement, engagement, memory management, community building and shaping identity.

Our words have a profound impact on children. These narratives are meant to inspire the reader, and perhaps even to help parents and teachers find the words to discuss meaningful moments with their own children.  -KP

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